Synopsis of the 8 Streams of Confluent Learning to Personal Effectiveness

One of the greatest motivators for men and women to scale heights and overcome what seems to be insurmountable odds is often an incident early in their lives that perpetually challenged them. It is like climbing one's Mt. Everest while pursuing their lives and, more specifically, their chosen fields of endeavor. But how can one get past personal and career life challenges and emerge victorious?

That is what this book, "The 8 Streams of Confluent Learning to Personal Effectiveness," is all about. Its author, Ed Teovisio, presents his theory on holistic learning and human potential development with insightful, introspective, and experiential fervor. Ed transcends the term "learning" from its traditional sense making it relevant not only in developing the cognitive mind but also the creative, physical, intrapersonal, spiritual, interpersonal, emotional, and behavioral faculties that play an important part in learning and realizing one's success potentials.

Much like how powerful the 10 numbers can become, when combined, can come up with countless permutations; the 3 primary colors can produce infinite palette of colors; the 7 musical notes can create unlimited melodies; the streams that become a river and rivers that become an ocean. The confluence or coming together and meeting at a common point of the 8 life streams can draw out the power to excel in one's chosen fields of endeavor where personal effectiveness is central. Part 1 entitled "Learn" deals with the author's personal transformation and relevant body of knowledge from the international community from which many of his insights were drawn. Part 2 dubbed as "Unleash" describes in detail the 8 principles and techniques of the learning theory. Part 3 marked as "Succeed" presents 8 developmental programs to guide the readers on the specific applications of the principles and how to successfully unleash their personal effectiveness in various work / life situations.

What people are saying about the book?

"It might seem irrelevant to those who think that technical expertise on the job is the single most important factor for effectiveness at work. In today's era, we can no longer ignore the relevant role of personal effectiveness in the workplace. Ed's Confluent Learning is a valuable find that provides the ways to boost one's technical skills with personal effectiveness resulting to being your best at work."

Raida Grace Tadena-Aquino
Select Care Philippines

"Ed Teovisio's Confluent Learning is remarkably an applied psychology where he puts together the concepts, theories, and practical applications for readers to use in enhancing their personhood and advancing their careers. The motivational and inspirational values he added make the total reading experience flavorful."

Dr. Juan C. Birion
Vice President, Student Services
Polytechnic University of the Philippines

"Best things come from simple yet practicable concepts, principles, and program of actions. Ed Teovisio precisely did that and more. In Confluent Learning, he enriched the meaning of learning and performance excellence."

Marcelino Antonio
Chief Technology Architect
Syntech Systems, Inc.

"I have never met anyone who has so much passion in discovering ways how ordinary people can attain personal effectiveness in any facets of their lives. Or to emerge as Victors in midst of insurmountable odds and challenges. Ed simplified the approach. He laid down applicable and very practical ways to climb your (own) Mt. Everest."

Noemi Jean Espinas- Primitivo,
Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada