Be the B.E.S.T! - A Team building Program

“The best results will come from everyone in the group doing what is best for himself and the group.” This is how Nobel Prize Winner John Nash puts it in his bio-film “A Beautiful Mind.” Applied in the organization, the best results will come if every team member will perform his/her best and this collective best will benefit each member and the company as a whole. How can the company make its people transcend camaraderie to real teamwork which is key to achieve organizational goals? It will take a more meaningful team building experience for employees than just fun games and laughter. This experience can happen best in Confluent Learning’s “Be the B.E.S.T!” Team Synergy Building Program where “B.E.S.T.” stands for “Beaming Exemplars of a Synergistic Team”.


  1. Exploring the Personality Elements of Team Members
  2. Harnessing The Team Players’ Personal Effectiveness
  3. Coming Together via "Team BASIX" Principles for Team Effectiveness
  4. Unleashing the Team Synergy via "The Quest for the 5th Element"

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