Clarity - Organizational Communication Program

At any time in the workplace, someone could be saying or writing something that could be misunderstood or misinterpreted by its recipient. Sometimes, neither the sender nor the receiver has any idea of the adverse consequence of words used but whose ascribed meanings are not the same and thereby becoming the source of misunderstanding. Across organizational levels-vertical, horizontal, and diagonal-the dynamics of communication should be understood well to ensure that people have shared meanings to achieve common understanding. For the wide variety of application of communication-informing, disseminating, instructing, presenting, motivating, coaching, counseling, disciplining, training, selling, problem-solving, negotiating, or decision-making-employees must know how to make use of the medium for good business ends. This is where Confluent Learning’s “CLARITY” Program comes in.


  1. Finding the signals of communication
  2. Fine-tuning the wave lengths for efficiency, sound analysis, and collective desicion-making
  3. Harnessing the non-verbal dimension of communication with assertiveness techniques

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