Do the H.I.P! - Effective Presentations Skills

Presentations happen in organizations every day for variety of reasons and purposes. When one is effective in presenting, he/she earns respect and gains approval. If one is not, a lot of wasted time and resources are frowned upon. If one is to conduct training, impart knowledge, disseminate information, discuss a report, or propose a project, how can one make the audience understand the point and elicit a favorable response? One must deliver a presentation that has focused, coherent, and correct contents and must deliver it with zeal, sincerity, and credibility. This is possible with Confluent Learning’s “Do the H.I.P” Presentation Skills Program.


  1. Clarifying Perspectives of Presentations and Building Confidence
  2. Developing HIP Content and HIP Delivery Style
  3. Looking After Visual Systems and Logistical Preparations

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