Show your S.T.A.R. Quality - Customer Service Excellence

Are you able to keep your valued clients? Are you able to captivate new ones but only to lose the old ones? All things being equal in the competition, what would matter most is the company's capability to handle excellently every customer at every touch point because a company's service culture is the factor most difficult, if not impossible to replicate. From telephone to personal interactions, from transaction processing to delivery, from documentation to relationship-building, every employee must be able to show their finest personal qualities and technical know-how. Everyone must contribute meaningfully to build and sustain excellent customer service culture of the company. This is where Confluent Learning’s “S.T.A.R. Quality” Program comes into play.


  1. Understanding the Forces Affecting Quality of Customer Service
  2. Managing the Human, Technical, Procedural and Structural Elements of Service with the 5 Steps to STAR Quality Service
  3. Building the Service Culture through the S.T.A.R. Quality Service Team

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