Superb-vision - Effective Supervisory Skills

Many times, technical experts and seasoned employees are elevated to management positions without understanding how the management functions-planning, leading, organizing, and controlling-can help them perform their role effectively. Often, there is little preparation on the bigger challenge of supervising other people. How can a leader apply effectively the management functions to build and lead his team towards becoming a high performing team? How does one motivate people to achieve individual and team goals? How does one address behavior or performance problems? Find out in Confluent Learning’s “SUPERB-VISION” Program.


  1. Foundational Principles and Concepts of Superb-Vision
  2. Leadership Function (Increasing Personal Competence for Greater Positive Influence)
  3. Planning Function (Sharpening the Vision for Clearer Team Direction)
  4. The Organizing Function (Achieving Efficiency for Maximum Productivity)
  5. The Controlling Function (Staying on Track)

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