Pressures in hitting quotas. Unreasonable bosses. Demanding customers. Distressing circumstances. Unbearable traffic. Tardiness memo. Overwhelming work load. Office politics. Insufficient sleep, and many more that result to physical / emotional stress, mental fatigue, or worse, burn out. Are people getting crazy trying to prove their worth? Are they losing zest in their jobs? Are they overwhelmed by many changes and perpetual problems in the workplace? Are they having difficulties dealing with other people?

To emerge victorious in the midst of all these adverse real life situations, people need to have a strong “core”. This is not easily achieved by just reading an inspiring quote, listening to an awesome talk, or indulging on one’s favorite comfort food. Each person has the power to win above all these challenges and improve the quality of one’s life without compromising one’s well-being. By applying a “behavior technology” consisting of the core principles of Confluent Learning, it will help sharpen to the finest one’s productive & creative resources and bring them all together toward meaningful & rewarding results. Goals that one’s mind had conceived, may most likely be achieved. People can get into that empowered state and emerge victorious with Confluent Learning’s UNLEASH Program. Modules:

  1. People racing in and rising out of the rat race, which way are YOU headed? —A Perspective of What, Where, Why, and How People Get Hooked and Lost in the Maze
  2. Understanding the Core Principles of Confluent Learning to Personal Effectiveness
  3. Foundational Principles & Techniques to Strengthen One’s Core—Physical, Intrapersonal, and Spiritual Streams—on Mastering the Basics
  4. Skills Acquisition Streams—Cognitive and Creative Streams—on Becoming a Better Thinker and Communicator
  5. Application Streams—Interpersonal, Emotional, and Behavioral Streams—on Building Meaningfully Relationships, Applying Interaction Skills, Enhancing Self-expression, and Keeping the Good Habits that will Strengthen, Renew, and Ignite One’s Core
  6. Putting It All Together in One’s Core, Unleashing Them and Gearing Up for Successful Ends

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