Vantage Point - Problem-solving and Decision-making

When problems occur, people tend to blame each other. Many smart aleck would surface but will make wrong solutions again, or, no one would have the courage to take accountability for it. When problems persist, management gets upset. The company suffers the blow. Leaders should be able to know how to take a broad view of how things go-from a vantage point-to analyze problem situations, identity the true cause, and evaluate alternatives. They should also be able to weigh and offer sensible recommendations and have the courage to decide to solve the problem. With the program "VANTAGE POINT", leaders get a real edge for possessing a valuable management skill.


  1. Understanding Critical Issues and Concepts of Vantage Point
  2. Understanding a Problem-solving and Decision-making Method
  3. Activating Problem-solving and Decision-making Skills

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