Winner's Trainer

This program is a comprehensive program designed to build the competencies of a human resource trainer-ability to source data and analyze training needs, conceptualize and write coherent, systematic, and complete training designs; presentation skills to deliver the contents and facilitation skills to stir the learning processes most effectively. To tap and shape the productive & creative resources of the trainer, the program will draw intensively from relevant theories and principles of biological science, applied psychology, information and communications technology, and from over 30 years of combined training experience of our training team. This course is great for those who want to enhance their training and teaching styles, presentation skills, and those who wants to venture into the lucrative field of training.


  1. A Blasting Perspective About The Opportunities And Important Role Of Trainers In The 21st Century Organizations And Society
  2. The "c-Learning experience"—Principles, Methods & Techniques Of Confluent Learning For Effective Training
  3. Developing An Efficient Training System And Coherent Program Designs
  4. Sharpening Your Delivery System—From Presentations To Facilitation To Logistics Organization

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