Living a Values-driven Worklife - Work attitude and Values Enhancement

People come from varied orientations, beliefs, and upbringing. Be it social, cultural, or organizational, they bring their predispositions into the company which become part of its culture. Some get along well with others and find their jobs satisfying but some do not. Some manifest attitudes and behaviors that trigger agitation and conflicts especially when those clash against the vision, mission, and core values of the organization. These misalignments badly affect work coordination, quality of work, quality of service to customers, and even the peace and order in the workplace. When these happen, cost of quality shoots up, productivity goes down, and customer experience gets awful. This is where Confluent Learning’s Living a Values-Driven WORKLIFE comes into play.


  1. Looking through the Eyes of Life—Work & Personal Life
  2. Aligning Vision, Mission, and Core Values
  3. Strengthening One’s Service Ethics
  4. Balancing the Streams of Life

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